ATAMI Adult Museum

ATAMI Adult Museum

ATAMI Adult Museum

appearanceThere is Adult Museum in one of the amusement which there is in the hot spring ground. It is Adult Museum tracing one trip of decline recently, but such in the world famous inside is a very powerful place. "ATAMI Adult Museum" is located in an opposite side of Atami castle, and even rope way can visit even a car. Because there is a some difference as for the entrance charges, I put it together, and please select coming and going rope way ticket set or couple discount as needs of oneself.My WHAT'S COOL is rope way.

Please hesitate less than 18-year-old, and therefore please sympathize with contents. It is the tournament that can be enjoyed between friends between lovers. Entrance charges are high a little, but there is value of seeing. It is a WHAT'S COOL really.

Photography prohibitionBy the way, unfortunately "ATAMI Adult Museum" is all building photography prohibition. Sketching, too is prohibited.

So I tried to turn "such an impression" into an image so long as I memorized it this time. Had a person accompanied together supervise it "Is wrong a little." part too. So I recommend that I have you check a one worried about by an eye of oneself by all means.

An entrance of "Adult Museum" becomes a lobby, and a condition introduced by now a TV program is exhibited with a photograph. On the side, bewitching mermaid princess cybot shows off the big breast. It was a thing of high technology use, but this didn't move.

By the way, an aunt of ticket sale place sat down with an aunt of an entrance like a robot, too so that makeup didn't twinkle densely. An aunt may be that it is cybot, too if lent it. By the way, cybot will be anything? Will it be a compound word of cyborg and a robot? I don't understand it well.

It is rushing in in the building which is more and more dusky when shows a ticket to an aunt of the entrance where the side sees this mermaid princess. And trifling doubt of a point is blown off by an appearance of a huge man device somewhere. If it is sexual and is happy, thus Adult Museum is good.

It is "OMIKUJI" that it is found that the thing which cybot becomes in the first place moves. A medium carries "OMIKUJI" when spends 100 yen. As for her clothes which a back was turned to to come back, the back is cut, and hips are bare. It is dirty temperature whether the total picture of "Adlut Museum" seems to have looked early already.

Tension typeSex variation of 48 is put on a display of when go along during next. There is pornography, and there is it, and a model is a variation of sexual intercourse somehow. But it is disappointing a little small explanation not to be done about Sex variation of 48.

Sex toys of world each country is exhibited on the side. Tension type for the woman homosexuality why that I got a lot of looks inside was used for with "Ooku" in the Edo period. (It is reference in a figure) Speaking of "Ooku", it is a garden of a woman. When it wasn't received favor of a feudal lord, the person who cheered up a body of oneself would be not a little, too. But this received a considerable impact. A point of wooden tension type painted black is strange, and black shines. I do the spirit that seems to be new comparatively somewhat.

There was a condom too made with silk. It seems to be purse and comes to tie up a root with a string. Probably feeling of wearing was the stuff that I grew, and it was thought mutually badly when a feeling of alien substance cannot finish wiping it.

Taro UrashimaBoth an exhibition thing and the sexual exhibition that cybot moves are interesting, but being thought is good considerably "Taro Urashima". It is a show for around 5 minutes that utilized light and water.

The naked woman who got on a tortoise by the setting that as a matter of fact Taro Urashima was a woman in the first place appears. Of course a neck of a tortoise is man device itself. She goes to triumphantly "Ryugu castle". And it is homosexuality show with Otohimesama. But it isn't thought in today when the spread of adult video is intense and is modest sexual intercourse. It was it in those days made and must have had an adventure even if did it from make of a performer and clumsy temperature.

To be frank, the person who is made to be disillusioned more that nude of a performer is aroused is appropriate. A man may be unfit post for sexual intercourse with her after now when watches it seriously.

A neck of a tortoise returning from "Ryugu castle" is worsening. It was fatigue.

A Rev. small law The trial that one is new already and the work that what was done put cybot and pictures together. "A Rev. strange story / small law". A Rev. law that a picture is small to a princess of lying cybot. He begins to caress a body of a princess.

But even if a princess becomes preparations OK too small thigh interval of a Rev. small law isn't beneficial. So it is a turn of a little mallet of Uchide. Only a man device of a Rev. law to be small when a princess waves a little mallet becomes big. And a Rev. law that a princess is small, too has time of the top, too.

I am ridiculous, but can laugh considerably. It was exhibition price I grew, and to be strong whether the princess may not have been in the nude.

The "matsutake mushroom duster" which imitated the "mole duster" which there was at game corner in a trip. A man device appears instead of mole. Wind happens when turns a steering wheel and is the device which a skirt of Marilyn Monroe can turn up. It is a masterpiece of several pieces that is in the nude, and is transformed itself into when approaches it.At souvenir corner, sex toys is sold.

It is sexual even if says to where. It is right art building for an adult.

Will a thing with many persons whom far-off judgment is done in exit neighborhood, and smoke be imagination?