another garden

another garden

Another garden is Tropical Zone orchard. This is a part of a banana of "banana and crocodile garden". It isn't a banana yet. There is a crocodile here. There is lessure panda too somehow. And there is a flamingo too.

Because this is apart from regular garden and crocodile garden, circulation bus appears. Please get if offered to a person in charge to get on a bus not to be afraid. A rate isn't taken.


That is discharge pond of a crocodile when passes through an entrance. About 150 is discharged into Mississippi crocodile and glasses chimen. But a crocodile of like this does still crocodile garden, too not to move.

The poisonous-looking color that Tropical Zone of high screw refuse is special and a flower of form bloom in one greenhouse beside crocodile discharge pond. It is reduction version and the impression that went of regular garden. The back is a greenhouse of a banana. About 100 stocks bananas of Taiwan product are set here and can look at bananas through the four seasons. However, I pick this and must not eat it.

Because it is Tropical Zone orchard, there is fruit too except a banana. There is the greenhouse which let there be the fragrance that fruit ground including man go and a papaya was sweet. I pick it and cannot eat fruit too of this place. You "to want to eat it definitely" will be good when go to one fruit parlor in a garden. You can taste tropical fruit heartily.

lessureBy the way, it is lessure panda that popularity is highest in another garden. I do a yawn on a tree and run about busily and don't get tired even if watch it all the way. In addition, appearance as a raccoon and the lovely facial expression may be secrets of popularity.

Besides, the bird which is a friend of an ibis is got, and there is a huge cage. And isn't there elephant tortoise on the side what?

tortoiseElephant tortoise is a big tortoise having a foot as an elephant as the name shows it. A small child may get comfortably.

"Izu Andy land" which there is in equal Izu Peninsular is the sightseeing spot that an unusual tortoise in the world is bred, and exhibit it. But the elephant tortoise which there is there prohibits that a child gets. The reason is because a tortoise feels stress. However, a child can get here.
But why is there lessure panda though it is banana crocodile garden? Can ride elephant tortoise? I don't understand it either.