Regular garden

Regular garden is a botanical garden. There are eight greenhouses. 9,000 kinds tropical beautiful flower and trees are cultivated here. The collection is Tropical Zone botanical garden which is unique to the world by Japan maximum.

A road is sandwiched in, and there is crocodile garden in an opposite side. This can come and going on foot.

Tropical Zone plantThe tropical flower and tree which an entrance is passed through, and is called issue 1 greenhouse enter the greenhouse which can be enjoyed. In this place, Tropical Zone Hanaki such as high screw refuse or an orchid grows thick on both sides of a passage. I have not gone to the tropical jungle, but the spirit that seems to go makes an atmosphere. But it will be definite that there is not a step of the jungle with concrete.

There is the greenhouse where a fern grows thick when leaves this greenhouse. This is issue 2 greenhouse. Order can seem to go through it from issue 1 to issue 8.

There was a big water tank in full view when looked at the side of a greenhouse. A creature as a white fur seal swims inside when tries to approach it. It is Manaty which is called a mermaid of Amazon. Manaty seems to have been mistaken for a mermaid in order to resemble a man in the figure which nursed a child. But would only the woman who gained weight know that a person mistaken for a mermaid was huge? The spirit why the one that said a fish person than a mermaid was said is correct does it.

Behind a water tank of Manaty, there is the greenhouse where appetite insect plants are collected. There is the image that the flower which a tooth grows on when appetite insect plant is said catches an insect, and is eaten. Of course actually, there needn't be not such a thing, and other plants and an individual vary a little in order to catch an insect.

There is the greenhouse where about 600 kinds houseplants of pineapple department of Central and South America product are collected and passes through the place. As for the collection of this place, Japan is first-rate. And I inspect the greenhouse where cattleya called a queen of a flower blooms in profusion. Next rises in a gentle slope to issue 6 greenhouse with a houseplant. I finished rising in a slope, and there is the prospect stand and can command a whole view of the sea of Izu from this place.

wanienIt is biggest issue 8 greenhouse at this garden when passes through a greenhouse of a water lily letting a wonderful flower bloom on the water. The first point of this place is Big lotus. The weight can step on child this lotus of less than 10 kg. Tropical Zone is huge with anything and may be what have grown up, but this lotus is big somehow.
A greenhouse of this garden is an end in this issue 8 greenhouse.

wanienBy the way, I return in a greenhouse adversely this time. Then I found a strange thing in a greenhouse of a water lily.

It is poetry of "water lily of dream". Because contents of poetry cannot announce it by relation of copyright, I think that I would like you to visit you by all means.

A plant will had better avoid the hateful person in addition to above because the greenhouse where a plant of green grew thick even if this garden went to where followed.