The originator international Adult Museum

This facilities were closed.

AppearanceIse Shrine said as the most sacred place in Japan if Ise is said. A building like a conspicuous Arabian palace along Route 37 to go to Ise Shrine from the front about 300m. This, at the "Ganso kokusai hihokan". When a place was looked for with the telephone, it said "A building like the Arabian palace which is here in the imminence of the bus stop of seko is so. It is waiting."

It is a little wrong if it is what though it seems to be an Arabian palace certainly. Though a part on the building is an Arabian atmosphere, the part of the bottom seems to be the outer wall of the old German castle, and it has a mind like Miss match. But, I have never been to neither the Arab nor Germany. A true place isn't known because the image of the Arabian palace that it is printed only makes it think "It looks alike like that."

By the way, this Adult Museum. As a matter of fact, a pachinko and boring, the end are synthetic recreational facilities to have it as an annex to the drive-in. Though it tends to imagine a terrific thing, the expression of the synthetic leisure land is as the appearance. Even the same lands are health land and a difference like DisneyLand. As much as it tried to use it as it is because it was in the pamphlet. Synthetic leisure land.

But, there is only synthetic leisure land, and there is no particle in the atmosphere which tends to be in Adult Museum of the hot spring area and which it has "quietly", either. Is it a thing cheerfully and openly? Because "give a demonstration every day, the copulation show of the horse" is as much as "give a demonstration every day, the copulation show of the horse" is, too.

Uncle hihoWell, into the palace. Discover a strange doll in the corner of the parking lot before that. I have never seen it with TV though it is here with the "Uncle hiho whom even TV gets used" to. It may be a "acquaintance" in Kansai bloc.

HihoThen, it is seen, it has rushed in the beginning of me who approached an entrance, a right "Iseshima tourist souvenir". There were 2F and a green arrow at the side though that this is so, and an eye weren't believed unconsciously. However, the arrow of red which it is in about the female sex organs of the whale of the bottom. How it is seen, though it seems to be in concert with the "Iseshima tourist souvenir".

The sex organs of the scalpel of the whale. Image treatment is being gradated.

hihoGo to the entrance of 2F with thinking at least a check punch "The atmosphere of the Kansai district is a little severe." quickly though it not here even if it still goes into the inside.

In the wall in the middle of the stairs, as much as to think whether it is the menu of the bar, in such cases as a "woman body slide" and "animal's ecology", the "private parts shrine", many strip of paper-shaped bills. Do you write it about all that it is displayed?

Then, with that Uncle hiho, the gold character of "Ganso kokusai hihokan which is useful for the society". It isn't understood well what is useful how. Anyway, it should be made harmful to the youth because it is "The one under 18 years old is prohibition of an entrance.". It is deeply decided that it doesn't think, and go into the inside.

prohibition of photographyA point from here is prohibition of photography with being disappointed.
Enjoy it this time with the image image, too.

Push button, and proceed though it is trouble. And, refrain from the one which is poor at the sexual topic under 18 years old.