Toi kinzan

If gold mine is said, gold mine of Sado is famous. But, there is gold mine of close place to Suruga bay of Nishi Izu as well. The name, too, "Toi kinzan". It is the place where many people who are come to the tourist course as well.

The official of kinzan which is Ashikaga shogunate direct control in 1370 fee controls Toi with Toi goldmine. Then, it is being made the beginning that money was very much dug. After that, a mountain was closed in the Edo Period because prosperity was mastered and gold was exhausted in (1965 years), the 40th year of Showa. It is prepared as a tourist gallery, and general purpose is introduced to the public from (1972 years), the 47th year of Showa, and it reaches the present.

By the way, this is the very famous tourist beauty spot where it is on it in the guidebook as well. As a matter of fact, I never introduce it now. But, the thing which said the "state of gold mine mining of the Edo Period for an electromotive style doll" in the guidebook to be reproduced attracted my interest. It seems to feel a charm though only Adult Museum travel it and reappearance by the doll is said. But, it was Toigoldmine that it met an expectation pretty why.

goldmineThis Toigoldmine is composed of four of "tourist gallery" "a golden palace" "gold dust palace" "the main building". Pay a charge, visit it for study in order, three of "tourist gallery" "a golden palace" "gold dust palace". It is the shape which reaches the "main building" with the restaurant and the souvenir thing shop at the end at last. The condition that in short eat rice at the end and buy a souvenir and come back.

Well, it is an entrance. Come in the group, and a chair and what are prepared for so that it can take a souvenir picture. When it is 300 and more group, it is said that an admission fee is 660 yen. However, it is worried about whether the air of the pit doesn't get light when it is visited for study like that in a large quantity of number. Such a thing doesn't matter.

goldminegoldmineThere is a pond when it passes through the gate and comes out through the small diameter and walks in the direction written with the gallery entrance.

To be here in the middle of this pond, the "pit working person of the gold" of the right photograph. The good body built up with Chonmage by the physical labor of the fundoshi figure. It is displayed even with this. But, the place where it is being painted to the

goldminegoldmineWell, the beginning is a tourist gallery to circle a pit.

The gallery of the length of more than the total extension 100Km. The mining scenery of the Edo Period is reproduced here and there in the inside. The atmosphere which is a little cold when it goes through the entrance of the gallery one step. A dark straight very long way is going on. This is the main conveyance gallery where it is called eishintsudokou.

Some figure gold mine trick pictures are put on one side of the gallery as the left photograph. Then, it reacts to the sensor, and a trick works, and a state in those days is asked, and it can know.

goldmineIt is support working scenery.
It is hot to say a pit because the circulation of the air is bad and water comes out and there is a hot spring. So, the person who works is nakedness. Twist it, in the headband, fundoshi. Moreover, the good body which became tense.

But, a left photograph. A wig slips down though it is a good doll all the way. It is disappointed. An expression is very expressive, and moreover there is no it in which doll as well to be cheap.

goldmineA woman is scooping up the stone smashed delicately with the basket. A woman truly wears a kimono.

But, the collar of the woman's kimono falls into the disorder, and a breast is exposed in the photograph of the pamphlet which it got in the entrance. Moreover, a hair type is wrong! Do you tighten a breast because an insensitive sightseer played and paints came off? Though a hair type is a little in the disorder, a pamphlet is very tidy in the summary hair. It is a mystery.


This person was on the book as well. With the headline of the "panclass".


It is not confinement. Only a little, eroticism pit bath.


The person who mines it is very real. As for this person, a nipple erected.

At the end, the exit of the gallery. It is said that the gold ore pulse exposed here is the mark which it began to dig from the sky proper year. Only, I don't know what time fee to be well because it didn't study properly even if a tensyo year is said. Anyway it is the thing of "A thing from the old days is terribly as it is.".

Go to the place where there is a pond like a point when it goes through this exit. Then, if it traces the sign which is here with the route, the next is the "golden palace" which is a Toi gold mine materials palace.

The gold ore stone begins the productive goods of goldmine, and the gallery outside scenery of the Edo Period, streets around Toigoldmine, and so on are reproduced with the model in the "golden palace". There is a gold bullion touch corner, and it can touch the gold bullion of 12.5Kg, too.

goldminegoldmineThe left is the archetype of the money. If it is what, it seems to be the parts of the plastic model.

The right is the thing that the condition that gold foil was made was reproduced. It was a feeling that the sculpture of the hand was strangely real and which was moved at any moment. It is serious because a materials palace is said. There is a souvenir corner here, too, and gold goods are sold in a large quantity. Anyway, because it is goldmine.

When it leaves a "golden palace", as for the next, to the "gold dust palace". Hot spring gold dust picking can be experienced here. (It can be collected as much as it likes it for 30 minutes.). But, gold dust is employed, and you must clear the thing which says an experience fee. A charge is 600 yen. Of course I don't experience it because I pay 600 yen and you had better buy gold dust as much as I pay 600 yen and gold dust is employed.

The structure that gold dust is employed scoops up sand in the black plate first. Then, turn a plate in the water, and wash away extra sand, and leave gold dust at the end. Considerable perseverance is thought to be here. But, there was a person being scooped up earnestly and wisely at the back of the gold dust palace. the (people of the left photograph).

Employed gold dust is put in the small bottle. When quantity is small, a small bottle feels like taking money, too. Wherever what is done, it costs money to say a tourist spot. But, when much quantity is employed, a name is put on point rank. A housewife in Saitama Prefecture entered her name. The housewife who can't despise it. Are you accustomed by the point which washes the dishes?

It is left, the "main building". It is a feeling like a drive-in. There are sponge cake (with the gold foil), pure gold tea manju, and so on in the special make original goods. Though it seems to be persistent, because anyway it is goldmine. From what, to what, gold.

It is too common a tourist spot. It is the serious tourist spot of the history. There is no doubtful atmosphere. Go into the very refined class as a date spot. Therefore, it won't swell at all even if it goes with the couple.

Only, it thinks that it may be a place to be enjoyable in the different meaning to the person who likes man's nakedness in the person who likes the body of the trained man, a condition.