Meguro parasite place

appearanceMeguro-ku which will go into the "ward best 5 whose resident tax is high" in Tokyo Metropolis."Foundation Meguro parasite palace" is in such Meguro-ku.A map is prepared for when a place is visited in the police box in front of the station though it goes down Meguro street to Todoroki direction from JR Meguro station and it is a place on about walking 15 minutes, too.

An appearance is the oblong building of pale brown (light pink).A conspicuous sign is to be careful not to pass without noticing it because it doesn't come out.

It is founded in 1953-year (the 28th year of Showa), and the main building completes Meguro parasite palace in 1956.It is built, and it reaches the present in 1968 to build it 7 floors in 1992 more (the 4th year Heisei) after it is extended to build it 3 floors.Increase in the materials and the specimen is remarkable only it .

This is here because it isn't confined to Japan and it is the only parasite special museum in the world.Then, an admission fee is free with what.I surely want it to donate if it comes because it is said that it is the source of revenue that contribution from everyone is precious.

Well, 1 - 2F are exhibition room, and this building of the seventh floor can visit this exhibition room for study freely.Use this telephone, and it can listen if an interphone is put on the exhibition room and there is a question and so on.

parasiteThe panel which the logo of the parasite rivaled when it went through the entrance.6% of all the animals are occupied, and it is said that it reaches 70000 kinds to say a parasite as for the kind, too.When it is greatly classified, it is divided into two of the "insect which could do it" from the single cell, a "insect which makes a body crooked and to move", and the thing displayed here is the latter.

A specimen like a left photograph is displayed abundantly, and the ecology of the parasite, distribution in Japan, and so on are easy to understand by using the panel, and it is explaining in the exhibition room of 1F.The thing which it can seldom see rivals the head of the rat which a parasite takes a stomach and which is broken, and the sea tortoise which has eyes it parasitizes and so on.

parasiteIt is not a left photograph "noodle".It is a parasite. It is only one kind.

It is relieved, and it can be seen because it is a specimen like this though it tends to be reserved when it listens with the parasite.Of course it isn't worried about the infection.Still, suggest waiting there until a companion's study tour is finished because a chair may not stand up to the side of the entrance in seeing it.The case that it is unpleasant may not go by all means from the beginning.

Well, when the second floor is said, illness to carry uses a specimen and a panel, and easy to understand, and past research, the parasite of the world are being explained.As for rushing in the eyes first, the scrotum panel photograph that popular NO.1 and rumor are huge in the palace.The size of scrotum that it got fat by the elephant skin sickness by the filaria between the thighs to the foot is terrible.As for the man, the space of a little the thigh may get cold.

They are all the explanation of the course that it is infected besides from the animal to the human being, too, and the specimen of Diphyllobothrium latum of 8.8m, things that anyway eyes are opened wide.

Doctor parasiteThe photograph of Doctor parasite stands in a line in a row as the left photograph in one corner said as the research history room, and the result of their research displays it.A highlight here is the "parasite sketch" of Mr. Kameya even with the director of the parasite palace.

Anisakis key ringEven if art is said, this sketch which is not an exaggeration is delicate.It is said that photographs don't become effective figure figure materials very much about the microorganism of the parasite, and a photograph is hidden, and importance is attached to the sketch.Only even this sketch is with the value of seeing. Be careful not to miss it.

Then, there is a "parasite goods sale corner" in what and this.In such cases as the mailbox card and the T-shirt, in the world, the only parasite goods.I purchased a "Anisakis key ring" at once, too.It is the key ring that the larva of Anisakis is in the inside.How to prevent it writes a larval explanation in the bag.

There is an impression notebook which the person who came again to the parasite palace can write freely, too, and it may be interesting to it to read this, too.

It is here with becoming the date spot of Tokyo recently, too. "Meguro parasite palace"

When it comes with the interest principle, I have the rest thought to be a place to pull it with being surprising.

The usually casual food being moved to the mouth by the way. As a matter of fact, there is a thing which is the medium of the parasite infection.Try to refer to it because it tried to make an easy table in the bottom.And, I don't assume responsibility even if the food that a mouth doesn't have you increases.

There are many parasites with being surprising.

Food How to eat Parasites A parasitic place For the incubation period Symptom
Beef Raw meat Taeniarhynchus saginatus The top of the small intestine 8-10 weeks Digestive organ difficulty
Chicken Raw meat Spirometra erinacei The bottom of the skin, inside the eye, the stomach, brain It isn't fixed. The lump that a movement swelled
Snapping turtle Live, blood Spirometra erinacei The bottom of the skin, inside the eye, the stomach, brain It isn't fixed. The lump that a movement swelled
Salmon, Trout Raw fish Diphyllobothrium latum The top of the small intestine Several months from several days Digestive organ difficulty,Anemia
Sardine, Mackerel Raw fish Diplogonororus grandis The top of the small intestine Several months from several days Digestive organ difficulty
Cuttlefish, the sea fish Raw fish, Sushi Anisakis Stomach wall, intestine wall Several days from several hours A severe stomachache, intestine flame
Vegetables Salad Ascaris Lumbricoides Inside the small intestine On 10, two months and a half Stomachache, diarrhea, appetite dullness