Japan snake center

Japan really has many hot springs. There is Japansnakecenter of neighborhood of the "thicket mound hot spring" of Gunma Prefecture. The terrific place where there were many snakes if it is what anyway was expected, and it aimed for Gunma Prefecture for the rest of the rainy seasons.

However, it is it.
It has a premonition to dislike if it is what as snakecenter is approached gradually. It knows the thing that it is in the stomach the "Goddess of Mercy" it has already and already been made to think "Is it that?" and whose it is white in the mountain from around the crossing of Tobu Kiryu line thicket mound station. One side is the rice field where blue rice yields for that reason. There is no thing that it is conspicuous besides. Make it snakecenter to betray such thought of mine that it is probably that and however, that it wants it to be wrong, the Goddess of Mercy. It is Miss match with what as well. 。

The front gateThere was a sign of "snake center" in the 1Km point as well in the rice field which could be looked over. How many or the guidance sign which is here isn't unified with "snake center" "Japan snake center", either.There is a sign that monjiro-kogarashi rides on the snake why, too. There is a thing which says mikazuki-mura at the back of snakecenter, and that seems to be the village of monjiro-kogarashi. It isn't understood well.

There was snake center of stomach that it aimed in the high mountain. There is a barrier why, and an admission fee is paid here at the foot of the mountain to be common to mikazuki-mura. A foundation Japanese snake group learning laboratory is being written in the admission ticket and the written ticket under "Japan snake center". It didn't know that it was foundation. But, the gate of the entrance was seen, and the power was coming out at a stretch. It is deserted more than... which rusts.

Even if it doesn't go into the inside any more, it is at the time of a feeling that a snake is wriggling in the side.

signThere is a Goddess of Mercy whose it is as white as the point at once when it has the half-ticket of the admission ticket torn away in the entrance. It is said that a snake is the white snake Goddess of Mercy who sows a coil in the Goddess' of Mercy foot.A Japanese gives it an offertory soon as for saying white such as a reptile fundamentally though it is nothing separately as to God's errand because it is a variation kind. What kind of reason is it?

The mere vacant land which a view open space is to, when it comes down the urgent slope to a side-glance, a left sign.If it is what, it is the way of writing it it is made to think that a snake is still wriggling in the whole of this place.

brocade snakeDivide this greatly, and it consists of a "greenhouse" and a "field outside farm". As for seeing a snake first, "constrictor greenhouse". It doesn't know that it wants to strike glass, too, at all because it doesn't move though only a constrictor puts a passage and it is in the left-right room.

As for being reflected by a photograph, the brocade snake named "dana". That someone kept anything as a pet, take a walk around irumariver, run away, it is captured at the end of the big capture operations, the pattern which decided to go in snakecenter why.

Supposing that let's smuggle it, it was found in Narita airport, and sent to snakecenter as it is. There are many snakes with the reason very much, too

viperWhen it goes outside. "viper field outside farm". Where is a viper? A flower grows thickly as much as to think. It was raised in the box which a mat was put on when it is seen well. A movement is very active unlike the constrictor. (An enclosure on the bottom left of the photograph).

There is a "stripe snake farm" besides, too, and a stripe snake is hot, and it is hiding in the shade of a tree, or it is swimming, and it isn't seen here very much.
But, this "danger! "If it is what, it is the sign which persuasive power is not in to write to, too.

And there is a near thing though there is a thing which says "It is careful of the molester." well in a night journey. Then it is poorer than what by the handwriting. The thing of this hand falls for the illusion of having the act itself suggested conversely.

snakesnakeThe adult (the left of the photograph) of the "Taiwan cobra" and child (the right of the photograph).

Both an adult and a child were the finest while there were many snakes which didn't move very much. An adult has attacked it since he lifts a sickle-shaped neck specially and goes into the posture of the appearance and it moves even a little. Though it isn't terrible because glass goes.

a storeroom conditionIt seems to show the decline of snakecenter. "tropical snake kind greenhouse".Though a crocodile tortoise, some constrictors, and so on are in the big glass tension, if it turns around suddenly, the sight of a storeroom condition like a look. The dinosaur driven away to the corner asks sorrow. The model of the dinosaur which isn't driven away to the mezzanine stands in a line.

There is a sign of the "IDO dealer" behind the fan, too, and it is the condition which it isn't understood whether it is snakecenter any more or it is what about.

foliage plant diesBy the heat and the emptiness, that I who was very much made to have tiredness went next, materials palace.

Whatever it is or even if it is filled with a smell like old science room and even if it is a little weird and even if taken, the air conditioner which it couldn't have it in is this materials palace which is not here in the mind as well that it is stifling and come in, too. As much as the thing which comes out gives up the thing included in the condition which subsides and a put foliage plant dies as a look, too, and it withers.

But, it is here because a terrific thing has been within eyes if it is set one step.

So, a variety of the copulation vessel (sex organs) of the snake. The king way of the specimen is still this.


The kanji which writes an explanation is wrong, and it can be laughed at that it was corrected by someone.


The copulation vessel of senna.


The copulation vessel of the sea snake.

Then, let's introduce the knowledge which has been learned about the copulation vessel (sex organs) of the snake and the copulation here. With the kind handwritten diagram.

The copulation vessel of the snakeThe copulation vessel of the snake.

Because there is a pair, the male copulation vessel of the snake is being called a half-penis. A lizard is the same, too, and this is one of the characteristics of these groups.

When it copulates by a shape like a figure, a penis turns over to turn over socks exactly, and it projects.

Semen passes a groove in this surface, and it is led. Only the thing of one side is spent by the actual copulation.

When a snake is sometimes roasted in the fire and surprised, this penis projects, and there is a person who mistakes this for the foot of the snake, too.

The sexual intercourse of the snakeSex organs are in the pair in the same way as the female, too. It faces one female as the left, and the rare phenomenon that two males cross sometimes happens in the thing. (A photograph is the copulation of the stripe snake.)

It is said that it is further living for 2-3 years to say the copulation of the snake by the copulation of 1 time in the female inside of the body as for the sperm of the snake with combining no less than how many days.

Already, it has been the proverb itself that it should be wound around the long thing by you.

The palace of the long lifeAnyway, heat is added, too, and it is the place where the power came out very much. Though it considers that there was a crowd very much at the time of opening, too, it isn't said easily that it is beautiful, and an establishment is Ç» place let's make fashions very much now in the compliments as well.

The right back building of the photograph is the palace of the long life. It seems to be the place where the close health liquor which a viper was used for, and powder are sold with being disappointed.A handmade soap classroom is at the side, too, and a head gets confused very much. Make it snakecenter why, handmade soap.

The window of the 2nd floor was opened from the palace of the long life, and there was an old man of the long life reserve army of about an estimated age 95 years old that I who is taking a picture was being watched.

If it thought, it wasn't seen at all with snakecenter saying a charge's person except for the older sister of the entrance.

It felt like the meaning of the sign of the "danger" being understood somehow.